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February 26, 2021
February 16, 2021
September 9, 2020
August 21, 2020

Online & Hybrid Student Internet Reimbursement Policy


在20-21学年注册的学生可获得互联网服务提供商的报销. 报销资格取决于有资格参加国家学校午餐计划的家庭和以下列出的其他要求.

  • Amount: $25 per month, per household (not per student)
  • Payment: Twice per year (February 2021 & August 2021)
  • Eligibility & Requirements:
    • Family must qualify for the National School Lunch Program
    • 学生必须在20-21学年参加在线或混合学习模式
    • Student & family must be in good standing with the school (verified home address on record, active enrollment, regular attendance, participation in state and local testing requirements, etc)
    • Reimbursement is per household (not per student). 学生在多个家庭居住的家庭,不符合多重偿还资格. 在这种情况下,家庭必须确定一个主要家庭并相应地提交收据.
  • Process:
    • 家长须向学校办公室提交互联网服务供应商提供的收据:
      • No later than January 15th以便在2月份收到2020年8月至12月的报销支票.
      • No later than July 15th以便在8月份收到2020年1月至6月的报销支票.
    • 在发放报销支票之前,家庭将被要求用居住证明文件核实他们的邮寄地址.
  • Exceptions:
    • 在学生积极注册的任何部分月份,报销费用将按比例计算. For example, if the student is actively enrolled fewer than 15 calendar days, the reimbursement amount will be process at $12.50 for the month.
    • 如果学校根据公共卫生指导,并在ACCEL学校和当地公共卫生官员的协调下,被要求暂停面对面学习一段时间,那么符合资格要求的传统模式学生将有资格获得报销.

Read the full policy (PDF): 2056 – Internet Reimbursement Policy


August 14, 2020

A Day in the Life: Your Plan for Successful Online Learning


New to online learning? Worried about preparing for fall? Want to make sure your child can stay on track?  Don’t worry, we have you covered!



  • Every day, make sure your student is logged in by 7:35am
  • Every day, your student will meet online with their teachers. You will be provided with a schedule the first week of school.
  • Not all learning will happen online. 每天都会有时间让学生在线下练习他们所学的知识.
  • 你的学校会给你一个时间表,帮助你走上正轨,为成功做好准备.

You and your student have a login. You have a schedule. You have great teachers.

We just need a couple of things from you to help make this a great year.

  • Set up a work area for your student that is quiet and free of distractions.
  • Log in to Canvas every day with your observer account to help your student stay on track.
  • Take the parent orientation course 来教你如何使用Canvas来让你和你的学生走上正轨.

获得学校更新,学习沙巴体育APP下载,技术支持,和更多在沙巴体育APP下载的专用标签 COVID-19 page.

Ready for the school year? You’ve got this!


July 10, 2020

20-21 Learning Options for Students


  • Traditional  In-person learning at the school building with added safety protocols and procedures.
  • Online At-home learning supported by teachers, technology, and curriculum specifically built for online learning.
  • Hybrid A mix of Traditional and Online learning with in-person and at-home components.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more detailed information. Please:

  1. Check your email, school website & Facebook在7月13日的那一周对这些模型进行了进一步的描述,包括安全协议等后勤细节, technology, and transportation.
  2. 计划参加即将举行的20-21学年线上资讯会,日期及时间将于稍后公布!
  3. 参加完课程后,请在7月31日(星期五)之前为您的学生选择课程st. 除非沙巴体育APP下载在7月31日之前收到您的另一份选课报告,否则您的学生将被注册为传统队列班学生. To select your options, visit: www.accelschools.com/Fall2020

Thank you. We look forward to educating your student this school year!

June 29, 2020

Early Kindergarten Program

We are excited to announce that Columbus Arts & 科技学院将从2020年秋季开始实施幼儿早期教育计划! 早期K计划是一个专门的课程,专注于为您的孩子在学术上的成功做准备.


Developed with the ACCEL Schools Academic Team, our Early Kindergarten Program focuses on each child’s physical, social, and cognitive development. 沙巴体育APP下载的教学方法使用有意义的游戏时间和学习材料,围绕着幼儿天生的好奇心和学习欲望.

  • Free, full-day program for children ages 4-5
  • Full year (August – May) program
  • Applicants must turn five years old by January 1st
  • A brief Kindergarten assessment is required during the registration process




“对每个孩子来说,上学是一段特殊旅程的开始,”贝茨校长说. “Our Early Kindergarten Program gives Columbus Arts & Technology Academy students a strong start and foundation for lifelong learning.”


For more information, call (614) 577-0900 today, or apply by clicking here.

Free School Meals

沙巴体育APP下载通过国家学校午餐计划(NSLP)为学生提供免费早餐和午餐。, a federally-assisted meal program that provides nutritionally balanced, USDA-compliant meals to students each school day.

June 12, 2020

Statement Regarding the Death of George Floyd

Dear ACCEL Staff & Community,

乔治·弗洛伊德的惨死以及最近发生在这个国家的其他事件令人心碎. 他死亡的视频是沙巴体育APP下载一生中见过的最恐怖的事情之一. We grieve. 沙巴体育APP下载也承认,沙巴体育APP下载的许多员工和学生都曾亲身经历过种族主义. This tragedy serves as a grim reminder that as a society, we still have a long way to go to stomp out racism. 沙巴体育APP下载要明确表示,沙巴体育APP下载致力于反对种族主义和歧视, and want to assure you that it has no place in our company or at our schools, and it will not be tolerated. We must strive to be inclusive in every way, 沙巴体育APP下载将在这个主题上规划专业发展项目,这个项目将在今年夏天交付给沙巴体育APP下载整个学校和公司员工.

We also believe we have an obligation beyond what most companies have. 沙巴体育APP下载有意识地选择在这个国家和世界上一些最贫困的地区管理学校. While many school operators avoid these areas, we seek them out. To our surprise and dismay, we are often asked why. The answer is simple. We want to help the children who need it most. Maria and I set out to do this when we founded the company and we have never wavered. If our company does not provide our most vulnerable students with a quality education, they may not have a chance at economic success. A society that does not give every child this chance is, by definition, unjust. 无论孩子的肤色或经济状况如何,成功的机会都必须存在. Unfortunately, far too many children do not have this opportunity.

As we all mourn the death of Mr. Floyd, 让沙巴体育APP下载内外兼顾,确保沙巴体育APP下载在工作环境和学校中具有包容性. Let us also do our part to end the senseless racism that exists in our society, empower all our students with the belief that they can succeed in the world, and give our students the knowledge and skills they need. Most of all, 让沙巴体育APP下载希望和祈祷他们将在他们的一生中经历一个不再发生这些悲剧的社会, and human beings are judged as Dr. 马丁·路德·金希望有一天人们会以“他们的品格,而不是他们的肤色”来评判他们.”

Ron Packard

June 1, 2020